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3 Ways to Improve Your Garage Lighting

3 Ways to Improve Your Garage Lighting

If you are looking for find the perfect LED light for you garage, you have some things you will want to consider before you make a purchase. The shape, brightness, installation method, color temperature as well as additional features that a LED light might offer should all be considered, and the right answer will differ by garage.


1. How do you use your garage, and What Color Temperature would be best?

To some a garage is just the place they keep their cars, while others may have converted the space into a workshop, or maybe a place to enjoy a ball game with friends and family. Each application pairs best with a different color temperatures.

  • If your garage is a place were you like to relax then a LED light with a warmer color temperature like 2700K - 3000K would fit that space best. A warm temperature is more relaxing and great for places where your and your family gather.
  • If you want a clean look and LED bulb within the 3500K-45000K color temperature range will make a space look less dingy.
  • If you use your garage as a work shop, you will want a LED with a cooler color temperature between 4500K-6000K. This cooler temperature is more energizing and is best suited for active places Some bulbs such as the GT-CB-26CCTP and GT-CB-40CCTP allow you to switch color temperatures and brightness levels so they can always meet your garage lighting needs.


2. What type of LED light should you use?

Each light has a best use case. LED Cob bulbs deliver a lot of omni-directional light, ranging from 2,500 (4x brighter than a standard 60W bulb) to 10,000 lumens (12x brighter than a standard 60W bulb.)

LED Cob bulbs can deliver a large quantity of light and can meet the needs or most garages, but they are not as adaptable as adjustable panel bulbs.

Adjustable panel bulbs allow you to change the angle of the light being cast by the bulb. This will allow you light any far away corners, highlight places where you spend the most time, and avoid any harsh lights shining in inopportune places. Panel bulbs also have a lower profile than LED Cob bulb and can keep harsh lights out of you sight lines if you have a low ceiling.

If you are using your garage as a workshop, more direct lighting of the work space may be what you are looking for. While a LED Cob bulb and LED panel bulb can fit this need, a shop light has other benefits that would be helpful at a workbench. The GT-SL5000LINK, has a built in grounded power outlet, which could allow you to power your tools and give you direct over head lighting at the same time.


3. How large is your garage, How many lumens should I use?

  • Single Car Garage Lighting: 2,500 lumens or more.
  • Two Car Garage Lighting: 5,000 lumens or more.
  • Three Car Garage Lighting: 10,000 Lumens or more.


4. Do I need to be an electrician to install these?

If you can screw in a lightbulb, then you can install these Lights. LED Cob bulbs, and LED panel bulbs screw into existing standard light sockets and need no additional steps to set up. LED’s a great replacement for any older incandescent lighting. LED’s use less energy, are often brighter than incandescents and produce less heat.

Shop lights are easy to install as well, as they are just plugged into existing power outlets.